Recommended Bullet Journal Supplies For Minimalists

The Bullet Journal as designed by Ryder Carrol was a minimalist planner system focused mainly on productivity and mindfulness. As time went on, it developed into many other things because of how the system focused on the user instead of the planner.

Now, the thing you write or put inside the notebook becomes a reflection of you.

Now, what your notebook holds in its pages is the same as what you hold inside you.

All this started with the simple notebook.

Personally, I’ve made it all the way to the end of many notebooks. But, you know what? The ones that really stick to me, the ones that I keep, are the ones that resonate with me inside and out. I even keep them on display on my shelf.

That’s why instead of recommending notebooks that have been suggested on other blogs, I’m suggesting notebooks you get notebooks that resonate with you inside and out as well.

That said, for more artistic bullet journalists, I’ll leave a great recommendation where you can do whatever you want with. That’ll include painting with watercolors and all the things you can think of.

Bullet Journal Notebooks For Minimalists

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They say that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. While the saying applies to many things, should it apply to your notebook? After all, you are the one who will be the one filling out its pages.

That’s why I went with Teepublic notebooks.

With covers designed by professional artists, you can go through numerous designs and pick the one you love, the one that is expressly you.

Why Teepublic?

All The Designs You Want

You can have your pick from the many designs available at our Teepublic Shop. We’re continuously adding more designs, so drop by from time to time and check out what’s new.

Offers Hardbound and Spiral Bound Notebooks

You can pick what kind of notebook would suit you best not only with the design, but also with the actual style of the notebook.

90gsm Paper

90gsm paper is perfect for pens with fin and medium sized lines and ink flow. You won’t have problems with fountain pens, markers, and most of the standard bullet journaling supplies you might use.

Comfortable Size

At 5.25” W X 7.25” H, you won’t have to lug around a big notebook when you need to. Alternatively, you’ll have a notebook where you can write comfortably on. You’ll have enough space for everything you need during the day.

High Quality & Environmentally Prints

Teepublic is one of the leading platforms. This is because of the quality of their products and customer service.

Additionally, their products are environmentally friendly, with biodegradable inks and vegan friendly materials.

128 Blank Or Ruled Pages

You have the choice of which type of paper you can get. Whether you want the comfortable guidelines or a ruled page, or the freedom of the blank page, you can choose.

Bullet Journal Stickers

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Why Stickers?

  • In line with expressing yourself with your notebook, you can do the same with the themes and aesthetics inside.
  • As, with our notebooks, our stickers are professionally designed with everything a bullet journalist needs.
  • Made with vinyl, making it very sturdy.
  • Easily design your notebook with stickers.
  • Great for trackers and collections.


Jm here! I run the Scribbler Planet website. If you're new to bullet journals and journaling, I think I can help you out. I've always had problems with keeping on track with what I'm doing, so when I heard bullet journaling could help I tried my hand at it. Here we are about a year later and I'm glad to say it significantly helped. Here's hoping I can help you do the same!

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