Bullet Journal Habit Tracker: 10 Space Themes From Pinterest

While the bullet journal is a great way to plan your day, you can use it to make yourself productive in other ways as well. You might find that you have a hard time organizing your day in a way that would would fit in what you have to do( i.e. work stuff) and what you want to do(i.e. hobbies), but fortunately, habit trackers can help you a lot with building your daily schedule.

How do you create a habit tracker? Creating a habit tracker for your bullet journal is as easy as creating a checklist that you tick each day that you are able to do that hobby or habit. While others have injected some of their creativity into the creation of their trackers, what’s important is its effectiveness.

If you want to learn more about the habit tracker, check out our article explaining the finer details of this tool.

Personally, my habit trackers are very minimalist. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the beautiful spreads going around the web. In fact, in Pinterest I go out and pin lots of them daily. Check out my Pinterest if you’re interested.

Here are some of the space themed habit trackers that caught my eye in Pinterest. I hope they give you some ideas you can use to create your own spaced out habit trackers!


If you like nebulae and watercolor, this habit tracker will be perfect for you!

If you’re new to bullet journaling, you’ll see that you can let your inner artist go and just use any kind of art tool and style to personalize your bujo!

Remember, you’re bujo is supposed to reflect you. Find and borrow ideas from others but never let them influence you on how to make your own personal bullet journal!


If you like seeing stars, then you’ll love this!

As you can see, you don’t always have to go all out. You can have a space themed habit tracker while still being moderately minimal.

This particular habit tracker doesn’t have the check boxes in a table or grid, instead it’s layout is similar to a calendar’s. This just goes to show, there is no set template of way of setting up your bullet journal.


Another unique layout for your bullet journal.

The sky’s the limit for whatever design what you want to do! While this habit tracker only tracks a few habits, you can either add more habit trackers or just adjust the sizes of the square to accommodate everything you want to monitor.


This cute habit tracker is very efficient in its use of space. It’s effective in that you can track the habits separately yet it is still very organized.

This spread is easy to do, and somewhat still in the minimal spectrum of bullet journals, as compared to others.


This particular habit tracker is in the same vein as the previous one, although this has integrated a mood tracker.

For more on mood trackers, you might want to check this article out.

While this tracker is very effective, it’s still nice to look at and makes use of the space available in the notebook’s spread.


This one is a favorite of mine. It’s a very simple spread, but as you can see it’s extremely efficient.

It’s easy to make, it keeps track of a lot of information, and it’s creative in its use of the space theme, in that it utilizes constellations, and the phases of the moon to give you a clean overview of your progress!

This is very minimal, creative, and fun!


This spread, like the previous one also uses the phases of the moon and constellations, it adds a bit of variety to it by mixing in some maximalist art on its borders using watercolor.

I very much like the balance between the minimalist and maximalist elements in this one.


This one is leaning more to the minimalist side of the spectrum.

It’s easy to make, simple, and effective. The layout it’s using is also reminiscent of the Alistair Method.

If you’re curious about the Alistair Method, you can check this article out.


The last, but definitely, not the least. Technically, this isn’t a habit tracker, but a weekly log. It does have a nice space theme, though.

If you want to make your habit tracker fun, but still want to be minimal in how it is laid out, you can draw space doodles around the border/margin of the page.


Here’s another one that integrates the habit and mood tracker.

Once again, it’s simple, neat, and very efficient.

Remember, your drawing and doodles don’t have to be perfect. They don’t have to have those crisp professional lines.

Even if you take a look at some professional artists style, you’ll find that they intentionally have imperfect lines. It gives your work some authenticity and relatability.

If you’re leaning more towards the minimalist spectrum of the bujo crowd, you may wonder what the point of this is.

Well, I actually started in the minimalist side as well, and as time went on I found that injecting some fun into your bullet journal makes it a better experience.

You don’t have to go all out and buy art supplies, however, you can have some fun with it by adding some well placed doodles in your trackers, or monthlies. Just add something that can lighten up the page, you know?

For example, I’m a big fan of Pokemon. I like going around and finding some fanart, and having them in my bullet journal just makes it a more positive experience.

In fact, I made an article where you can learn how to draw your own pokemon doodles here.

If you’re not that big of a Pokemon fan, then don’t worry. If you really want to learn how to doodle different characters of things, like plants and other stuff, then you can check out the Scribbler Planet Pinterest page where I pin useful doodle tutorials and themes regularly!

So go out and have fun with your journal! You’ll find that while it will help you get down to business, you’ll also have a lot of fun in the process!

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