About Me

Hi Guys!

Jm here, and I run Scribbler Planet.

As you can see by the site, I’m a bullet journal enthusiast, fountain pen collector, and calligraphy hobbyist.

How did I get here? Well, Let’s break it down.

My Story

I’ve been around the online block for a while now, starting with creating multiple Instagram pages and growing them. I managed the content of multiple IG pages, and have done so for other content creators as well.

If you’d like, you can check out Awkward Artists Club, where I post features on artists. There you’ll find tutorials, artist features, and just some cool videos.

All while I was running these, I ran a few brick and mortar businesses as well, putting up two bakeries and pop up food carts.

Just by the end of 2018, I found that brick and mortar businesses weren’t exactly for me. I decided to ramp up my online projects and one of them is this site, Scribbler Planet.

Bullet Journals

The business I ran lasted for about 4 years.

Like a vast majority of beginner entrepreneurs, starting them took all I had. Suffice it to say, I was a mess. I couldn’t organize my schedule, I couldn’t organize my thoughts.. I couldn’t even organize the most basic of my needs.

It took a toll on me, and I began experiencing extreme anxiety. No sleep, my brain just kept running, and I just felt like breaking down everyday. I knew I needed to change something.

I went around, looking for techniques on how to organize your schedules, to-do lists, and everything else. They helped, but none came close to the effects of the bullet journal.

It took some getting used to, but as I gave it enough time, I noticed that things were getting better. I caught up with everything I needed to get done, I spent less time thinking about the next day because I had it all written out, I even began sleeping regularly again.

This is the experience I want to share with people. This is why the first site I chose was about the bullet journal. I want to share the benefits of this system with anyone who cares to listen, and I hope you.

I hope that you give it a chance to let it do for you what it did for me.

If you want to start a simple but effective bullet journal, click here.

Fountain Pens

The fountain pen craze came about the same time I got into bullet journals.

My sisters had collections of their own and I borrowed one to start my bullet journal. I figured carrying something that needed some knowledge and care would push me to develop some good habits.

So, I treated that fountain pen like a dog and cared for it, giving it a bath regularly, petting it, and playing with it.

Sadly, that fountain pen has already passed.. To my sister’s chagrin.

Apparently, you can’t play catch with a fountain pen because “it is a precision instrument” that has parts that can get damaged.

Well, after replacing my sister’s pen, I got one of my own and began studying up on how to properly maintain it and took it seriously this time.

Now, I want to share what I learn so that people can learn to take care of their fountain pens and not have to reimburse their sisters when they destroy the fountain pen that they borrowed.

That is my fountain pen story.

If you want to start your own fountain pen story.. And not have to borrow someone else’s pen, you can find our suggested beginner fountain pens by clicking here.


2020.. Well, what can I say. Everybody had a lot of time on their hands.

You already know that I’m pretty big on art, and calligraphy is a big part of bullet journals, especially for artsy and creative bullet journalists.

As I write about bullet journals a lot, I got exposed to the ancient visual art that is Calligraphy.

I began earlier this year, and now I have already filled a stack of notebooks and continue to do so. I spend hours each day studying and practicing, immersing myself in the art and trying to improve my skills.

I have a long way to go, but I want to write on the things that would have helped me get started faster. I want to write the things that could have given me a better foundation and bolster the level of skill I have now.

Of course, all these I want to share with you and help encourage people to pick up this ancient art.

If you want to start with this ancient art form, click here for our recommended tools for starting traditional calligraphy.