30 Bullet Journal Sleep Trackers Ideas To Improve Sleeping Habits

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One of the benefits of having a bullet journal is having the ability to keep track of almost any habit in your life. One habit many people are seeking to improve is their sleeping habits. This is precisely what a bullet journal sleep tracker/log is for.

What is a bullet journal sleep tracker?

A bullet journal sleep tracker is a spread or collection in your notebook where you can record your sleeping patterns for a period of time. This helps provide an overview and find patterns to improve your sleeping habits.

There are many other sleep logs out there that are not integrated into a bullet journal. However, you do get a set of unique advantages when you do keep inside your bullet journal.

Why keep a sleep tracker/log in your bullet journal?

Keeping the sleep tracker in your bullet journal lets you go back to a particular day, review the events, and find out how it affected your sleep. This will ultimately help you find the proper patterns and habits you need to get better sleeping habits.

Let’s say you finish a month of sleep tracking. You see that, while some days are good, every Friday you only get four or five hours of sleep.

Because it is in your bullet journal, you have the advantage of being able to go back to your daily or weekly collection for that month, and find out what you did that day that might have affected your sleep. It might be because you went out with friends, or had a Netflix marathon, or you simply stayed up playing video games.

Whatever the case is, you will be able to use additional information to help inform your decisions and actions in the future. Now that you know you under slept because you binge watched “Tiger King” one week, and “The Circle” the next, you can choose to stagger your watching schedule for better sleeping patterns. This will in turn build up into better decisions that will ultimately stick with you.

Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Tip #1

If you want additional information to help you make decisions, consider adding trackers to your bullet journal that can help.

One tracker could be a Mood Tracker.

A mood tracker lets you record the moods you experience throughout a period of time. This will provide you with an overview and help you find patterns on why you felt a particular way, or how to change it.

This works well with a Sleep Tracker because mood often affects sleeping habits. The mood tracker, coupled with the weekly or daily log, is a powerful tool in improving your sleeping habit.

How Do You Make a Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker?

There are various ways to design your own bullet journal journal sleep tracker. One thing to note is that it should be practical and effective for you specifically. Some might find minimalist spreads effective, while others prefer artsy spreads more.

It doesn’t really matter what you find on the internet, what is important is that it is accessible, practical, and functional for you. This may come in the form a simple and straightforward spread, or maybe you’re more encouraged with an artsy maximalist spread.

If it works for you, and serves its purpose you go with that.

To make your own bullet journal sleep tracker, I have scoured Instagram for the best examples that might help you on how to make your own.

Find one you resonate with the most, the one that you think you’ll stick to and make a habit, and go on and sleep!

Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Tip #2

If you ever need a sample spread to base your own sleep tracker on, the best places to look for them are in Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit.

You’ll find many ideas in these places that are extremely creative and effective. Some are so simple, yet clean and aesthetically pleasing that you’ll wonder how you never thought of it before. Some are so elaborate and artistic that you’ll wonder why they aren’t in a museum.

Whatever you find, make sure it’s the one you like, and the one that you’ll follow.






Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Tip #3

Getting more sleep results in you eating less calories through out the day. If you are looking out for your health, consider using the sleep tracker with an exercise or diet tracker!

Source: Healthline






Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Tip #4

Good, rested sleep aids in better concentration and productivity. If you are a student, keeping a bullet journal in general helps significantly in your studies!

For more on bullet journal for student, check this out.

Source: Healthline






Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Tip #5

Having a restful sleep also improves athletic performance. Athletes can perform much better, and with much more energy, with more sleep!

Try it out with an exercise tracker and find out for yourself!

Source: Healthline






Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Tip #6

Consider leaving a space for notes beside your sleep tracker. This will let you log things that happen spontaneously and help inform you in the future.






Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Tip #7

No sleep means being grouchy(I’m sure that is the scientific term) all day. It’s basic knowledge that is also backed up by the science.

If you want to be a better in socializing or with your relationships, maybe even with your overall mood, you should keep up with your sleep tracker.

Source: Healthline






Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Tip #8

A good idea when dealing with trackers related to each other is to combine them. Through out the examples given here, you’ll find that many have combined the subjects that are relevant to them

Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Tip #9

Another good idea is to use color coding. You’ll find that in the examples shown here, many use color coding to make it easier to read. Needless to say, it also helps aesthetically.


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