15 Bullet Journal Weight Loss Ideas (That Are Effective!)

The bullet journal is a great tool that can track almost anything. It can help develop habits, it can help you be more productive, and it can help you become more accountable! Throw them all together and it can get you started in your weight loss journey!

Here you’ll find 15 great bullet journal ideas for weight loss, and even how to apply them!

How Do You Lose Weight In Bullet Journals?

The best way to lose weight using bullet journals is to set up trackers that let you keep track of your exercise, food intake, and healthy habits. These let you organize a defined and realistic plan you can stick to. Once you have a plane, you can use the journal to build the habit.

While the bullet journal is not a miracle tool that can instantly help you lose weight, it can help you build that habits that let you lose weight. That’s basically the aim of the whole bullet journal system.

Before showing you the trackers that I find are effective, let’s find out how exactly.

  1. Set A Goal
  2. Find Trackers That Will Help You.
  3. Use a Goal Tracker
  4. Follow For A Month
  5. Do An Honest Assessment

Set a Goal

Setting a goal is always the first step, this is especially so in weight loss and fitness. The most important thing is to set a realistic goal when you are starting out!

So with your first month, set a good goal like shedding a two or three pounds. This should get you going and let you find out if your plan is effective.

Find Trackers That will Help You

Here’s where the Bullet Journal gets really fun. Once you narrow down what you need to achieve your goal, the next step is to setup the trackers you need in your bujo!

If you’re having trouble finding what you need to lose weight, here’s some ideas!

  • Weight Loss Trackers
  • Exercise Trackers
  • Meal Plans
  • Water Trackers
  • Sleep Trackers
  • Calorie Trackers
  • Body Measurements Trackers

Use A Goal Tracker

Keep track of your goals! No matter how small the goal is, write it all down and celebrate(with something healthy) every time you reach it. The most important part is that you feel the progress that you have achieve.

For example, in your first week, setting the goal of being able to do 10 pushups is amazing! Another goals could be to run 2 or 3 miles cumulative throughout the week!

Follow For A Month

You have to do this, honestly and cleanly, for a month to really see the effects. And, by using the trackers, it’ll be easy keeping track of the days you have succeeded in or missed!

Do An Honest Assessment

At the end of the month, the only one you’ll be held accountable to is yourself! If you do an honest assessment, you can adjust your plans and shape it to what works for you more.

If you don’t do an honest assessment, the only one you’ll be cheating is yourself!

15 Bullet Journal Weight Loss Ideas


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Simple and effective! Bullet journal trackers don’t need to be ultra aesthetic to be effective! Check this one out, it’s nice to look at, effective, practical, and has everything you need to track your exercise routines!


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A plant themed exercise tracker. Your trackers don’t need to boring to be effective! You can customize them with your hobbies, make it look nice to you, and most importantly, effective!


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Here’s a great tracker that measures and keeps tracks of many things. It’s one of my favorites in the list because it’s minimalist, clean, effective, and practical!


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A Simple Meal Tracker. This just shows you don’t need to be ultra-artistic when it comes to bullet journals to be effective! Yo can be minimalist and practical, and aesthetically pleasing!


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A post shared by BuJo and cookies (@bujoandcookies)

Themed tracker for you fall lovers! Who says you can’t lose weight in style? A nice looking tracker will always be a motivation to update, not to mention, this is straightforward AND effective!


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A post shared by BuJo and cookies (@bujoandcookies)

This meal tracker is simple, organized, and clean. You’ll surely have no trouble updating this tracker or losing track of anything you put in it!


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A post shared by Lulu 🔆 (@thedotsandgrids)

Minimalistic, effective, multipurpose! This tracker is so clean, that it’ll just motivate you to keep updating it!


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A post shared by Merve (@kedi.likpss)

Aesthetically pleasing, while tracking a lot of activities and items! This tracker is very effective in that you can track multiple items, while having the benefit of having a good graph as an overview!


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A post shared by Amber Marie (@theautoimmuneadvocate)

Simple yet effective, this all-in-one tracker is customizable! You can place everything you are tracking here, just follow the layout and format of the bujo spread, and you’ll be fine!


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This tracker is an all-in-one tracker! Even if you don’t follow this as it is, you can customize it to suit your weight loss needs!


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A post shared by StationeryBean| bujo (@stationerybean)

A water tracker with tips on the side. This will make sure you’re reminded of the reasons why you’re doing this!


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A water tracker can be as aesthetically pleasing as it is effective! This water tracker lets you track your water intake with a side of art!


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Here’s a water tracker with some helpful tips! It’s a great way to remind yourself why you’re actually doing this!


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Counting calories may seem like a bother, but that’s really only at the start. Trust me. This method is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, and it’s always perfect as a bullet journal weight loss idea!


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One of the best ways to track your goal and overall weight loss is, of course, a weight loss tracker. This is a good way to set realistic goals, and not over do it. Reaching one of your milestones will surely be one of the best feelings out there!

Want more ideas? Here are 60 of the best exercise trackers in Instagram!

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