10 Definitive Reasons More People Should Use Fountain Pens

Fountain pens aren’t exactly the go to pens these days, that goes to the ballpoint pen. There are however, reasons – very good reasons – more people should start using these fountain pens again. I’ll outline 10 definitive reasons why people should start using them again and explain them in this article.

I placed an interactive infographic at the bottom that outlines our recommended fountain pens for beginners, you might want to check it out!

1. Ink Variety

With fountain pens, you get a load of options when it comes to ink. There are various ink colors to choose from, there are various types of inks that produce different effects, like glitter ink, and there inks that react differently to the paper.

All these give the user a great degree of control.

And, sure, you can get a variety of inks with ballpoints and gel pens as well, BUT can you use them all with just one pen? More often than not, the answer is NO. There are a few pens, but for ink swapping, the best answer will be the fountain pen.

By the way, fountain pen inks and calligraphy inks are different! It’s imperative for you to know that. If you want to save yourself from heartache should you buy a fountain pen, click here to know how different they really are.

2. Less Hand Fatigue

The design of the fountain pen helps lessen hand fatigue. This is especially important to students or those who write with a pen for a living. If you have to write many documents, or fill up forms all day, the fountain pen is your best bet to avoid those hand cramps.

This is because of how the ink and feed system works: Capillary Action.

Since fountain pen ink is water-based, it uses capillary action to make the ink flow out of the pen. This lets you lightly drag the pen and instantly produce lines. You do not need to exert any pressure, you do not need to contort your hand on a thinner pen body. All you need to do is let the fountain pen glide on the page.

For a more action packed description of how fountain pens work, click here.

3. Helps Improve Handwriting

Building on the reason above, the act of letting the pen glide on the page reduces the stress on your wrists. This lets you write better, and with more control as your arm will move the pen differently than you would a normal ballpoint.

This may take some getting used to, but more often than not, you wouldn’t even realize your handwriting form changing.

Of course, having a smooth writing pen will help a lot as well.

For an in-depth explanation for those who want to improve their handwriting, click here.

4. Nib Variety

The fountain pen comes with a variety of nibs that let you control the size of your lines to whatever you wish.

You will have the option of:

  • Extra Fine
  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Broad
  • Stub
  • Calligraphy
  • Italic
  • Lefthanded

There are more on the list, but these are the general nibs most fountain pen enthusiasts use.

Want thinner lines? Go with an Extra Fine nib. Want thicker lines? Go with a Broad Nib.

This isn’t exactly something that a ballpoint or gel pen can give you.

Furthermore, depending on the model of fountain pen you have, you will be able to swap nibs for even more control. Again, with the right model, you don’t even need to change your pen to swap nibs and have a completely different experience.

For an in-depth list of what nibs are used by different fountain pen brands, click here.

5. Eco Friendly

Unlike ballpoint pens, fountain pens are something that you keep. While they are made with different materials, plastic being one of them, you don’t exactly see landfills full of fountain pens do you? Nope, more often than not, you will find ballpoints there.

I mean think about it, how many times have you lost that cheap ballpoint pen? Sometimes you just place it somewhere and completely forget about it. That won’t happen with a fountain pen.

It’s also economically more viable, as you wouldn’t need to replace the whole pen once it runs out of ink. You can just buy a converter and fill it with ink, which you can buy in large bottles.

I did some research on this and wrote an article about it, it could explain more in detail. For that article click here.

6. Can Last Decades

Fountain pens are made to last. That means their body and nibs are more durable than normal pens. You can go out and use it for your everyday needs but chances are it will significantly outlast a normal pen.

This is true to the extent that many fountain pens are handed down generation to generation, while still being used everyday.

Of course, the fountain pen will require a bit of maintenance but it’s not something so tedious that it’s unbearable. People just make it look like there’s so much work involved.

The reality is, to clean it, you just need to run water on it, let it dry, and fill it up with ink.

For a simple yet in-depth guide on fountain pen maintenance, click here.

7. Does Not Leak

Working fountain pens do not leak.

A common misconception set by the media has it that fountain pens explode in the more inconvenient of times and places. This mostly happens in cartoons or slapstick comedies, but the reality is: working fountain pens don’t leak.

There are some guidelines on how to make it happen, also you’ll have to watch out for certain occurrences, but 90% of the time you’ll be fine. A fountain pen leak, at least for me, happens with less frequency than a ballpoint pen would leak.

Just in case, check out a guide for carrying fountain pens, especially on planes, by clicking here.

8. Great For Drawing and Calligraphy

Line variation through different nibs give you an excellent tool for drawing and calligraphy.

For those who are unfamiliar, line variation is when the lines that your pen produces vary in thickness when you write. This variance can be caused by pressure or angles, either way, this looks really, really nice.

Drawing with a flex nib for example will give your lines more life and dynamism because the lines aren’t static.

Writing calligraphy will be easier because you can have a flex nib or a stub nib create line variations without a smooch work as with a dip pen. (Dip pens still create the crispier lines, though)

For an in-depth guide on drawing, click here.

9. Analog Writing Method

Everything is digital nowadays.

You take exams with your laptop, you write your journal or diary in your phone or laptop, you even draw with your laptop or tablet. Sometimes, disconnecting is the way to go.

Being stuck with technology means that social media is always a distraction. People can always contact you or slide through your dm’s at the most inopportune times, and bad news can always get the better of you.

Unplugging and just writing with your hands can be the greatest thing after a long day of work or school. Disconnecting from technology can be the difference of a long tiring day getting even more tiresome.

For a great analog medium of systematizing your day, check out our minimalist bullet journal guide! Find it by clicking here.

10. The Cost Makes You Take Care Of It

Of course, when it comes down to it the cost is the main factor.

Fountain pens are an investment. Instead of shelling out $1 or $2 for that flimsy ballpoint, you’ll go for that $20 – $30 beauty of a pen. Using basic math, that $20 dollar pen should last for about the same time you would use 10 – 15 ballpoint pens.

This isn’t a bad thing. Again, if you go past that 15 ballpoint pen mark, you’ll be saving money. And practically speaking, we can go for 20 to 50 pens in a year.. As an individual working.

So, in the long run, you’ll actually be saving for as long as you have that pen. And remember, that fountain pen can last for decades.

Great Fountain Pen Option For Beginners

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Here’s the interactive infographic I promised, feel free to swipe left or right!

I’ll throw in an infographic you can share with your friends who want to start calligraphy as well!


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